Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Helping hands for communities and people in need

We don't talk about the extra work we do for families that are less fortunate then we are on the site at all. We like it being just the photos and about the pictures and art, but this week has seen a lot of people struggling and we wanted to put it out there. We do photos for family's that have had loss, have a love one over seas, recent tragedy (house fire, flood), and for Orphans when contacted for such things. We also do a decent amount of work with some Local Hospice centers to get pictures in the homes or hospitals if need be for the families. We do this for love and because we think its right. As god loving people we have yet to say no to a family. This week have been working to collect pillow cases for kids in Africa and talking to the mom of a terminally Ill daughter that they are fighting just to get her a next Birthday party. I (we both) think that is why we love weddings so much also. So that we can celebrate the good in life and understand what that moment is worth. To see what its worth when the times are bad, helps us to take better pictures and capture more important moments when times are good.

Not sure it makes sense, but the week has had lots of bad and it just needed to be said that we are hoping and praying for every family we help and only hope that we can help them as much as they are helping us. Love you all! ~jeff and ann

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