Monday, September 24, 2012

Deposits, Why and Why Not

Ann and I both try really hard to make sure that we are doing everything that we can do to make our clients lives a little easier. That is the main idea behind the mini-sessions. To have something simple and fast. Let the parents and kids come in, get a cool backgound and pictures, and leave with the CD closely behind if not already in hand. All for a pretty low price. usually around $20-30. But lately we have been asked more and more about the deposit. It doesn't seem fair to have to pay for something weeks before the service is even provided, but on our side we have been hit hard lately by no-shows. Those appointments when we go out of our way to be there on a day we had plans, or kept a background up for a week because someone wanted it and they don't show up. The deposit is our way to say.. Hey, we are telling others no to possible sales because we said yes to you. In turn we really need you to show up for that appointment. We have yet to have a paid deposit not show for pictures. Yet this week we have had 3 appointments cancel that never called or emailed to say anything. Just didn't show. We know it goes with the territory and its something we are used to dealing with, but remember that when any photographer asks for that deposit at booking. 


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