Sunday, March 11, 2012

Children Portraits | Meyer Family

I don't want to go back too much in our old work and really would like to keep this new site only for the new work that we do and try to keep it as mostly weddings, but we never really ever posted our shoot with the Meyer Family in Olathe Kansas last fall and I wanted to show it. We have some of these in print on metal at the gallery as a showing of what really good portrait photography can be, I had just ordered them and once they got in it made me think if we ever posted them and I could not find one. One of these was even taken with the oldest girl sitting on the roof of her mom's car while we were all just hanging out. As for our wedding shots, we will get more posted and hoping to post a few gear tips soon too, but once you see these you will understand why I wanted to post these.

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