Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nintz Art Gallery and Photo Studio in Oak Grove MO

     Even though we focus on the artistic wedding photography we wanted to have a small studio in our home town of Oak Grove, MO. So we found this little building that was for rent and gave the owner a gift. We have spent 2 months rebuilding it from scratch in the front to be an Art Gallery for local artists, plus its a nice place to get together with our clients. The city had some other thoughts which meant a lot of work and replacing things to get up and running with the portrait studio in the back. We still have room to expand and create a few sample rooms, but for now 3 rolls of 9 foot paper and a painted wall behind that for floor shots will have to do. We have even been buying up carpet samples to use with it for fun. Well, we finally got the new "out swinging" door in and the lit exit signs, and the new commercial fire extinguishers, and on and on... So even though its not completely done and we have not hung the gallery system or any of the art we have collected we wanted to show what we have been up to for the past 2 months. I refuse to say its done until we can get the 65 inch flat screen and built in cabinet in place of the AC wall unit. (:S)  ~jeff