Saturday, July 21, 2012

Absence..........(yes we are sorry)

We wanted to say sorry for all the time we have missed updating the blog and the readers we have. This past few months have been pretty crazy. While Ann is getting busier at the Studio and with shoots, Jeff has decided to take the leap into a regular job for a while as we pay off a few bills. Opening the Gallery and Studio, Ann moving to America, starting over, marriage, plus all the little things started to need attention. So we took some time to do just that. And in short we took pictures, played, and worked. Just not posting it. Well the time is over and the site is back to the front of our focus. We are going to start getting a few more sessions uploaded and get us ready for more coming fast. We have a new "Nintz Photography" page coming to show off our Art and Commercial work as well. :) SWEET!!! Thanks Ben!

We will be posting more very soon so see everyone then.

~ jeff and ann