Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Friends | Abby & Nathan

     Well, Friday was a crazy day around the gallery and pretty much anywhere we went, but.. We did get to meet Abby Guinn and Nathan Underwood later in the afternoon and talk to them about their wedding coming next year in Jefferson City, MO and the wedding pictures they are looking forward too. Even though we have done this a hundred times it seems each new client meeting is always crazy and nerve racking. We do love our friends and clients, but I like to explain that first meeting a lot like a blind date. They have seen your picture and you have seen theirs. You might have even talked on the phone, but to actually meet for the first time is the bonus. I think its because Ann and I both see them as friends and want to do our best. Many times photographers treat it like a business meeting and we just can't do that. Weddings especially are about emotion and love. How can you possibly make it about business.
     Anyway.. we had a great time and they are wonderful people. Soo many ideas and things they want to try and do we will definitely have a blast working with them. Hopefully once they get some things settled and we get a few pricing things done we can get them to come up to the Studio in Oak Grove and get some first look pictures of the couple! Can't wait!
     Usually I would also post some drive pictures and some other things that went on, but it got kinda rough after we left them and had to drop off the radar for the rest of the weekend., :( Lets just say that I will always listen to Ann now and we will always have a back up for the backup for the cell phone charger.

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