Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Whew.... Coffee! Stat!

We can't believe how crazy the past week has been. We have booked Kathy and her fiance from Topeka and will have that blog up soon. We are getting ready for the wedding of Local Wedding Photographer Matthew Orf and his fiance in 1 week! Plus we have already had a few walkins to the new gallery and lots of pictures left to get wrapped up. Man we still have to talk to (and about) Abby too... whew. So many things that we have like 6 posts all in the works at the same time. We also wanted to share that we have our first Featured Artist in the Gallery. Mrs. Shannon Majors of Grain Valley and a graduate of Oak Grove has brought in some works for us to hang on the walls and to post online. We will be selling them in the Gallery and online for her. Yay!!!! Now we need some coffee, some sleep and try to finish and post the rest of these posts! Here is a little taste of what she has brought in for us. :)

Our First Featured Artist Gallery!

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