Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lots of photography in Kansas City going on

Ann and I both have been having trouble getting the blog posts in so please excuse us in that, but it does mean that things are good here. We are getting busy and just starting to say to the local community here in OG. Not to mention all the work we are doing trying to get our art to be the best. We study and work constantly to be the best. We have a few commercial shoots coming up in the next few days. Engagement photos to get planned that are going to be awesome and COLORFUL!, a wedding in 3 weeks and several bookings coming up fast to get solid so we can help the brides get to business and get them rolling in pictures.

We have decided that we have to do Mayfest here in Oak Grove this year, so we are planning an awesome deal for people we meet at the festival. If your coming you have to come find us. Also the local Chamber of Commerce added us to the t-shirts which for us is one of the coolest things EVER!!!

Last (not least), here are few shots of Gabriel from this week. (I really need to post more)

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