Tuesday, July 23, 2013

We just got back from our Workcation....

Ya it's not a word, but we did just take a few days and went to the lake house in Arkansas. We wanted the time to get away from things as much as to get a few things done. We have been tossing around ideas for the studio and for us for the past few months and have never been able to get on track with things. So we packed up Dakota and our camera's (of course) and headed out to a place without internet for a few days. We took the laptop and our ideas to get a restart. We we did just that and we will be really hashing the rest out over the next few days. Ann also got an amazing shot of the river with fog and lightning... Can't wait for her to share that one!

For now thats all.. We have a busy week with some sessions to finish up, all new photos for the windows, one of our favorite clients just booked for Thursday, lots of things in the studio to move and clean up and we can't wait!

Sorry that its so short, but we wanted to let everyone know that we are back in the studio if your looking for us and that we will have many many more posts coming soon.

LOL.. ya it's instagram!

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