Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kids Portraits | Edwards Girls

We had a fun time last night with these crazy girls. Charlie and Hayden are a handful for their mom at times and it is a good work out for us in how to be flexible with what we are wanting to shoot. So many times we get stuck in our head what we want to take a picture of, but when it doesnt happen we get frustrated. Once that happens we don't get any good shots. What I love about doing this kind of photoshoot along with the weddings and our studio work is that its like training a different part of your mind. To quote the movie Gril Next Door, "Sometimes you just have to go with it." Once we relaxed and start just letting things happen the pictures got much much nicer. We will add a few more later, but here are the sneak picts we uploaded to facebook for now.

BTW - Hayden does a perfect impersonation of "Charlie bit my finger".

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