Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lots of photography in Kansas City going on

Ann and I both have been having trouble getting the blog posts in so please excuse us in that, but it does mean that things are good here. We are getting busy and just starting to say to the local community here in OG. Not to mention all the work we are doing trying to get our art to be the best. We study and work constantly to be the best. We have a few commercial shoots coming up in the next few days. Engagement photos to get planned that are going to be awesome and COLORFUL!, a wedding in 3 weeks and several bookings coming up fast to get solid so we can help the brides get to business and get them rolling in pictures.

We have decided that we have to do Mayfest here in Oak Grove this year, so we are planning an awesome deal for people we meet at the festival. If your coming you have to come find us. Also the local Chamber of Commerce added us to the t-shirts which for us is one of the coolest things EVER!!!

Last (not least), here are few shots of Gabriel from this week. (I really need to post more)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Children Portraits | Abby in Oak Grove

Easter and Candy....
Last week we enjoyed taking Abby's Pictures, this little princess is celebrating her first birthday this month, and we were honored to take her photos... this was also her first Easter... here at Nintz photography we wish her lots of Blessings in her life and family.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Doing wedding pictures for a Wedding Photographer

Whew, The weekend is finally over and we had a great time. There was so much anticipation leading up to this wedding for Matt  and his bride Renee. Matthew is a wedding photographer himself and is quite busy. When he first asked us to do his pictures we thought, SURE!..... Then we started to think about it more. Its got to be like a chef cooking for a critic outside waiting for his best work to come through. We know that we are good and have done a lot of work to get us up to this moment, but still. This is the test for us. We just hoped that it would be a great venue and we would have a rockstar performance behind us. Then it happened. We walked in to the old Hardware Store turned Antique store and started up the dark stairs.  We got to the top of the stairs to a small waiting room with 2 doors. One going to the private waiting room for the bride and one into to a large, high ceiling, dark painted room with 6 small chandeliers on the ceiling. My heart sank and I could see Ann's face and she wasn't much happier. This was going to be a test. I had to confirm. "So.. this is where the reception is?" Matthew replied, "and the ceremony too." :(  Really?!? Ok... Then came in Justin Bond from Cinematic Occasions. One of the best Video guys in town. I looked at him and he had the same face. We talked for a while, got with the DJ to see if he had any extra lights for the ceremony and worked it out to get a little more light. I also had ordered the Canon 85mm 1.2 just for this in case. It stayed on my camera almost all weekend and I thank god I have gotten used to my 1.8 so I understood how to focus the 1.2. After the rehearsal and 200 pictures we had it figured out. Ann was ready and our assistant was too. The day of the wedding was 10 hours of shooting and changing lenses, from the private waiting room with 2 large north windows and back to the dark chamber of solace. :) In all we did great. We had the gear, we had the knowledge and the bride and groom know what it takes to make beautiful pictures in a dark place so with some well placed pauses in the ceremony the pictures are turning out great. Whew....  We do love this couple and they are going to be friends for a long time we are sure. Here are a few picts of the night that we posted before they took off for their honeymoon so they can see them. My favorite comment on facebook was Matt himself, mister wedding photographer.... I am floored.... These are amazing. You actually made me look pretty good. :)"

Thanks Matthew for letting us be a part of the wedding and giving us a chance to shine bright for you! Hope you enjoy them!

~jeff and ann

Matthew and Renee Orf | Kansas City Wedding Photos
Matthew and Renee Orf | Kansas City Wedding Photos

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Our First Video (of pictures)

We had the opportunity from a friend that is in my karate organisation to make us a video of our pictures and put it to some stock music for us. I couldn't say no and Ann loved the idea. We both want a full blown video, but are working on getting into the perfect shape and on what we want it to say. We will probably bring him down to make it for us too unless he is too busy. Until then we have this awesome video of our pictures so enjoy! Most of these are taken in Kansas City, MO with a few others thrown in.  Thanks ~ jeff and ann

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Whew.... Coffee! Stat!

We can't believe how crazy the past week has been. We have booked Kathy and her fiance from Topeka and will have that blog up soon. We are getting ready for the wedding of Local Wedding Photographer Matthew Orf and his fiance in 1 week! Plus we have already had a few walkins to the new gallery and lots of pictures left to get wrapped up. Man we still have to talk to (and about) Abby too... whew. So many things that we have like 6 posts all in the works at the same time. We also wanted to share that we have our first Featured Artist in the Gallery. Mrs. Shannon Majors of Grain Valley and a graduate of Oak Grove has brought in some works for us to hang on the walls and to post online. We will be selling them in the Gallery and online for her. Yay!!!! Now we need some coffee, some sleep and try to finish and post the rest of these posts! Here is a little taste of what she has brought in for us. :)

Our First Featured Artist Gallery!