Saturday, November 10, 2012

Making a statement in our work...

As a company and Studio we are changing here and moving to something much more artistic and fashion in what we do. So we are going to start showing more creative images along with our studio shots we do and that way people can see who we are better as Artists. While we shoot pretty much everything; our passion is with our Seniors, Couples (weddings and engagement), Fashion and Commercial Ad work.  Our focus is on Artistic and creative in all we do and while we are full service at the studio we do want people to see the other side of why we are here. ~jb and ann

Monday, November 5, 2012

John and Netanya | Invitation Pictures

John and Netanya decided on an invitation that needed a photo of them on the front. John wanted trees and color so we took off to the park and shot a few for them to choose from. They are such a fun couple.

Vintage Wedding | Kansas City

So without talking too much time to talk about the wedding here is a good view of what we captured for them. They decided to do a really cool Pin-up themed Wedding and the colors were amazing!