Friday, July 26, 2013

Nate and Gabriel Warn | Baby Photography | Kansas City

About 3 years ago I really started to make photography the majority of my work and passion after Ann moved up here. I had been doing it on the side for a few years, but never babies and never as a Studio. At the time I was working at Hallmark and offered a really cheap shoot as a portfolio builder on their inter-office site. That is where we met the Warn family. Actually the Grandma sent me an email saying we had shot a co-workers close to her and wondered if we would do a year session every 3 months for her grandchild Gabriel. We had no idea what to do or expect, but we accepted the challenge and learned that we absolutely loved doing it. Our first pictures were still pretty good and the family let us drive up to them. Here is our very first baby session ever and when we first met Gabriel. 

Then Tuesday we had a reunion of sorts by getting to take pictures of Gabriel's baby brother and of Gabriel! Its amazing how much they grow and how attached to our clients you can get.

And his new little Brother Nate!

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