Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why we do this | Photography

We recently changed our about us page to include the following part and it has a little hidden meaning that we wanted to make known, but not draw too much attention to it.
“We love photography and what it lets us do for others. It lets us capture forever the feelings and the experience of our clients and friends. From that faithful glance a Bride gives her Groom just before they say I do, or the moment that a small child stops to look in the distance and you can see them thinking and smiling, the freedom seen in a Seniors eyes about to venture out into the world, to the moment that a mom holds her daughter and with a hug says goodbye.” We shoot in a mix of styles, making what we call a Photo-fashion-journalistic style and love to capture that perfect moment when people are being themselves and almost unaware of our cameras. Our focus and expertise is in taking Artistic and Beautiful Pieces of Art that can be cherished for a lifetime. We are always there for our clients and the community because it’s what we love to do.
We have been working hard at being the best wedding and portrait photographers we can be. It can be seen in every shot that we take now how much each shot is just that much better then the one before it. But the whole life of a photographer and the reason behind it has begun to grow as well.  We have been looking close at our community and see soo many people that are in need and have a pretty rough life. We have started to really be there for the community, the church and for anyone that we can be there for. In the span of the next 3 days we are having a booth in the local town of Oak Grove, MO to get people to start knowing that we are here. We have a benefit that we provided 2 free shoots for the most part for a silent auction, and we are attending this.

(A Celebrating Life Event on facebook) A gathering for Julianna Stokes she is 8 and has Rhabdomayo Sarcoma, She loves life so in her honor we are having a lil pinata party to help celebrate her life.  She is pretty sick and we all know that it takes miracles at this point to keep her here with us. We are going as friends now that we have gotten to know her mom, Martha, but we are also going to truly capture forever the feelings at this birthday party. I am truly without words to say how meaningful this feels and life changing it has been for me (jeff).

I don't think that I will ever look thru the lens of a camera the same again once I do this and its both scary and exciting. I have lived my life going in circles and trying to find a solid spot to plant and grow. Photography has given me that and let me plant my feet and try to grow. This event is sure to make me grow.

Enough with the sentimental stuff. We have had lots of wedding inquiries this week too, so looks like we might get even busier! yay!

Love ya all!

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